sargent 1


What a treat. On my London trip last month I was able to visit the National portrait Gallery to check out the John Singer Sargent exhibit and it was just amazing.

Sargent paintings have always made me wish I lived in the period he painted in it seems so magical and dreamy to have lived at the turn of the century. I wish I could jump into those paintings the clothes alone tell a story,  but the lit from within look on his subjects face is really the most amazing quality of his paintings. How did this man paint so beautifully? I suppose that those are the questions that people ask themselves about artists, how do they do it? The questions are really unanswerable, that is why he is considered a master portraitist. The guy knew how to stir up real emotion with his paintings.

Sargent brings me great joy. I and glad that he followed his heart and painted.  I encourage you to find and surround yourself with the people and things you love.  It does not  have to be fancy or expensive it should just bring you and your loved ones joy.

Enjoy your week. Follow your heart so you can do your best work.