Meditation is for everyone

      I hope everyone is enjoying a lazy Sunday.  I want to chat about Meditation today.  I was thinking the other day while I was cleaning my house  to some Beatles music. When my mother was raising me during the 70's and 80's there was a slightly different level of understanding about meditation. [...]

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      What a treat. On my London trip last month I was able to visit the National portrait Gallery to check out the John Singer Sargent exhibit and it was just amazing. Sargent paintings have always made me wish I lived in the period he painted in it seems so magical and dreamy [...]

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Happy Mothers Day

    I wish all the moms out there a beautiful day.. There is no greater job than motherhood. Thank you to my mom for all your love and support. xox    

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Spring is here !!

    Today was a gorgeous day here in NY.  It's been a long hard winter for the entire country and we have all been desperate for mild weather so that we can open our windows and feel the warm breeze. I am a lifelong New Yorker who really adores all the things that New [...]

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