The best is yet to come


I’m sorry that I have been away for so long I’ve really missed writing and I’m so glad to be back.  Shortly after my last post I was thrust into an unexpected family crisis.  My husband developed a rather serious stomach condition and I had to throw myself into serious domestic overdrive  while he took some much needed time to  have surgery and get well.  He’s better now and things are finally starting to feel a bit more normal.   I will say that I think this time away has served me well,  I’m one of those people that tend to believe that things happen for a reason, usually to teach us something.

Did my husbands health issue teach me something?    I think the short answer to that question  is Yes,  It has cemented my knowledge that time is precious and we all need to make the most of our journeys.  It has confirmed my belief that courage and bravery is critical to unlocking our treasures.  Listen and follow your inspiration It’s calling you and it wants you desperately to answer the call.

I did a lot of running around  playing the role of mother and father to our two kids while my hubby was out of commission and it was a bit  crazy at times,  at the same time I was grateful to be able to circle the wagons and focus on getting him well.  All too often in our super busy lives our attention is on multiple things and undivided attention has become a rare thing in our modern world so It felt sort of healing to be focused on his wellness.

Their was one other thing that surprised me while I was running around during these busy months  and that was how much I missed writing this blog,  I felt it calling me almost nudging me to write to make an entry even though time did not allow me.  I would wake up with Agape Principle on my mind and go to sleep with the hope that tomorrow would be the day I would have time to write again.   Then this morning I realized that this gravitational pull that I was feeling to write again was much more than guilt  that I had not kept up my blog It was actually inspiration calling me and I had to answer the call.   That’s the thing about inspiration it needs you to do great things.   I’m back and the best is yet to come for Agape principle.