lets figure it out

//lets figure it out

lets figure it out




Tina Fey is so hysterical,  and brilliant .    Before I saw this quote I always had this feeling that she must be pretty fearless in order to do what she does and then I saw this quote and it confirmed my theory.   I feel that she’s so right about figuring things out as you go. I’ve  never really given it such careful thought  but now that I read this  I can say I have lived by this credo all my life.

I would never  have done half of the great things in my life had I not had Tina’s Philosophy. I would have never had my kids, I would have never studied art and design and I would have never started this blog among other things.. In fact I’m still figuring things out as I go. I kinda feel that the intention that propels your life is equally as important as the actions in your life.

This idea of saying yes and then figuring stuff out keeps us engaged in learning new things and just admitting that we don’t know everything gives us a vulnerable edge.  That vulnerability is really important without it we can’t be fearless in chasing our dreams instead we remain locked in ideas like  – what people will think , and what if we fail ?   But if we can let our enthusiasm and lack of knowing fuel how hard we work to make something happen , well it just might actually become our reality.

I’m dedicating this post to the great Tina Fey.. Thank goodness this is the way she think,  if she didn’t we wouldnt have her books, movies or comedy skits.



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