Meditation is for everyone

//Meditation is for everyone

Meditation is for everyone




I hope everyone is enjoying a lazy Sunday.  I want to chat about Meditation today.  I was thinking the other day while I was cleaning my house  to some Beatles music. When my mother was raising me during the 70’s and 80’s there was a slightly different level of understanding about meditation.   Of course their were books on mediation then and the  Beatles went to go check out India, and there were lots of hippies who looked like they were mediating in public , most likely they were just high…

Today in great part thanks to Oprah, who introduced Deepak Chopra, and Ekhart Tolle to the masses we understand or want to understand and implement meditation for our lives.  I personally love these guys that Oprah put on the map and I have devoured their books trying to find a way to use their knowledge and wisdom to make my everyday life more full, centered and aware.  I have adapted all of those reading into my own thoughts on the subject and here are some of my thoughts.

While I am not any sort of a meditation expert I will say that during this 90’s into the 2000’s self awareness revolution we got this idea that meditation is for the guru’s or for people that are peaceful enough to sit for hours in the lotus positions. I have to tell you nothing could be farther from the truth.  We all live in the same crazy world, life is very messy and filled with responsibilities and work that consume a lot of our day.  No one gets a free ride in this world , that I know for sure.  Rich or poor Every human knows there share of suffering , it is part of the inescapable human condition and it’s usually there to teach us something. I think our spiritual  jobs are to take this joy, pain and ambivalence and fear that we all feel as humans and find a way to be our best. That means that no matter what we face we must work to self guide to kindness, forgiveness, and to give the gifts that we have been given without any expectation. This is the only way to try to have the life you have dreamed of.

Now please know this does not mean let’s be doormats for the world . Don’t let people abuse you and take advantage of you. The world is full of these people and you will need to find a way to remove them from your lives. If you follow some basic principles of self love and kindness your door to freedom will open.

You can meditate , let’s take baby steps together:

-Set your alarm 15 minutes earlier than normal, light  a candle (have a candle and lighter near by) and say the following words slowly twice.

“I am goodness and light, I will spread kindness today, I will let love guide my path, I will not be afraid.”

Inhale and exhale  slowly 5 times – breath out  negativity , and breath in positivity.

Repeat the above affirmation, followed by the breath exersice again.  Start this for a few minutes and work your way up to 10 minutes over the course of weeks or months.  Don’t give up! Even 3 minutes will make you feel good.

I hope you like this entry, I plan to write more on this important topic. Lots to come on Agape in June so stay tuned



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