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The hope doorway

I have been thinking about the concept of "hope" today. I am mostly a pretty hopeful upbeat person, but I've had my down in the dumps moments and its pretty crappy. Having hope is so important during our journey. Where there is hope there is light and when you feel hopeless (As I'm sure we [...]

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Dr. Martin Luther King Jr

Today is an important day  we as a nation celebrate this man and all the great things he did for our nation.   I haven't seen the movie Selma yet  but I'm planning on catching the 6:55 tonight, I can't wait ! I took the day off today because this year instead of working thru [...]

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What is your story?

This is a photo of a basket full of black and white photos that I stumbled across while at the Paris flea market.. I have always loved this photo, there is something so interesting about old photos. I'm so curious about the people in them.  Who are these people?  What's  their story?  Sometimes I feel [...]

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