Always stay true to who you really are

//Always stay true to who you really are

Always stay true to who you really are


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Arrgg.  This was  not an easy week for me I almost let my anger toward shady jealous people in the work place and my own ego change who I am . The good news is that I really worked hard to rise above it  I don’t always manage to do that  but I caught myself in time to center myself in what I know is true.   The truth is that I will prevail and that what is due to me will come to me  regardless of how hard my enemies try to prevent my good work from seeing the light.

We all have people in our lives that try to make us feel little and unimportant who seemingly  go out of their way to undermine us and work against us .   Sometimes these people are family members, so called friends a boss or co-workers.   They are everywhere and its our job not to let them change who we are  and  what good we are working toward.   This takes tolerance, patience and courage all principles that we can practice  if we seek them out.

Steps to take during a difficult confrontation with negative people:

1. Listen carefully , Stay calm.  Do not  impulsively lash out.

2. Do not be passive.. Calmly make your feelings known.

3. Do not show them how angry you are ” He who angers you controls you”

4. Distance yourself from the negative people if possible ( usually not possible )

5. Once you have had a moment to be alone try to see if you could have done something differently to have avoided this painful moment,   be honest but not hypercritical of yourself . The answers will come if you are seeking the truth.

6. Make a decision to be the good person that you are even in the face of the unkind treatment.  Make the decision  to not let them get to you.   Support this decision with daily affirmations where you seek & ask yourself for the important principles needed to rise above the obstacles.

7. Take 5 – 10 minute (  or more if you can spare it ) to sit in a calm quite room,  speak to yourself quietly.    Tell your self you are good and that you will not let the negativity get you down.  You are the light and the darkness of the world will not dim that light.  Patience, courage  and tolerance will be you protector on your journey.    Repeat this as needed and you will begin to grow confident and stronger.

8.  Keep working hard and don’t quit – find  the beauty in your journey.

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