Snow days

//Snow days

Snow days




Sweet, sweet snow days… Today in NYC I woke to several feet of fluffy white snow, almost nothing stops us from scurrying around and dealing with our mounds of “gotta get it done today” urgent work like lots of snow that comes down all at once during our sleeping hours.

I’m always grateful for the tiny break that forces us to hibernate behind the impassable roads and limited train service. What to do with this precious time is really the question?

I had a thousand ideas about how to spend my time today, in the end I chose something I rarely choose, I chose to not do much.  I chose to slowdown to maybe give myself a bit of a break and stop my constant excessive thinking and mental problem solving… Compassion for myself, today that was my lesson. After all if you don’t practice self compassion how can we spread compassion and kindness to others.

I am learning that how much you love yourself is directly correlated to how much love and kindness you can give to others in your life, so my advise on this chilly white night is to draw a bath and light a candle and tell yourself your good enough just as you are.

Be grateful for your gifts and your flaws just the same.

Tomorrow, when we go back out there let’s try to spread the love we gave ourselves to others that it might create a ripple effect of goodness that changes the world in a tiny way. Open a door for a person, smile at the grumpy man on the train, hold the elevator for the lady who is running late. It all matters.

The above photo is of a beautiful painting depicting an incredibly chic family (look at their outfits!!) on a  equally chic snowy street. I don’t know the name of the painting but I think I took the photo in a museum in Sweden. Does anyone know the name?  thanks & sweet dreams.

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