Dr. Martin Luther King Jr

//Dr. Martin Luther King Jr

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr


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Today is an important day  we as a nation celebrate this man and all the great things he did for our nation.   I haven’t seen the movie Selma yet  but I’m planning on catching the 6:55 tonight, I can’t wait !

I took the day off today because this year instead of working thru MLK day as I have for so many years I wanted to think about Dr.King and his life’s work and it just so happens that  the Movie Selma has coincided with my day off, coincidence I think not.

This man and his family sacrificed so much and worked so hard to start a movement of racial equality to plant the seeds of tolerance in the most intolerant minds.   We have all heard the greatness of his speeches and seen those amazing crowds of people that marched with him.  I have seen lots of footage of Dr.King being interviewed by all sort of people and he seemed so approachable and centered.  He was smart and powerfully well spoken.   He wanted  people to understand  what he knew to be true  that we are all the same regardless of color.   He devoted his life to this work and because of his relentless  pursuit  he changed the country and all of our lives.  He was murdered at 39 years old leaving behind his wife and four children.  His Legacy of  love , peace and equality will live on forever.

His greatness makes ordinary people like me sometimes feel that we can’t make change at least that’s how I often feel when I’m watching all that black and white footage of his work.   I think that everyone has a tiny spec of Dr. King  in them that we can tap into if we don’t let fear rule us.  Every day injustice is everywhere you don’t have to look far,  I say in honor of this great man  lets stand up against the bullies, the ignorant , the racist and the just plain nasty.

I’m pretty sure Dr.King was occasionally afraid  but he walked thru the fear to get to the greatness on the other side.

Quote of the day:

Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.

-Martin Luther King Jr

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